Sunday, December 20, 2009


Welcome to Not a Bakery, a blog about my baking shenanigans. Cooking can be tough in college, especially in a dorm room. Some recipes can be made in a microwave, some are from the baking binges I go on when I get the full kitchen comfort of home.

I have had quite a bit of cupcake chaos in my amateur cooking adventures, and this blog will include more in the future I'm sure. I am no Anthony Bourdain or Julia Child, but some of my attempts actually turn out pretty well!

Coming up: Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses, and tomorrow making fresh pasta.

If you have any recipes or suggestions, you are more than welcome to share them.

Food link for the day:

Photo Above Right: Devil's food chocolate cake, frosting design on the sides made by a crinkle cutter normally used for cheese.

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